This Toddler Loves Sharing The Sandbox With His Lab Puppy

Published March 6, 2018 16,171 Plays $45.34 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsYou probably all know this by now, but we see no harm is repeating ourselves one more time. Every kid that has grown up with a dog has learned about the priceless value of friendship is the most adorable way!

These two are both terribly young, but even at that fragile age, they have learned one of the most important aspects of friendship - sharing! Jack loves playing in his new sandbox, with all the waterfalls and the toys inside and he does not mind sharing it with his fur buddy at all. While little jackie is preoccupied with the properties of water, his little <a href="" target="_blank">Golden retriever buddy</a> tries his very best to reach the toys that keep getting stuck in the wet sand. We love watching clips like these, don’t you?

There are countless benefits of a kid growing up with a dog, but we will try and stick to some of the most important ones. First of all, dogs are a kid’s constant companion. Sure, they grow up faster that the kid, but deep down, every dog loves being treated like the pup that he still is. They provide kids with an opportunity to be more active during the day. Dogs are also a great way to learn responsibility, making sure that the pet always has fresh kibble and water in his bowls and that he has gone potty. They also teach kids some very important lessons, like compassion, fair play and unconditional love. Not to mention the health benefits of owning a ball of fluff!

What better way to spend a hot, summer afternoon, than with your <a href="" target="_blank">best bud</a>. Priceless!


  • DavidMcNab, 1 year ago

    That's adorable.

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    So cute!

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