Man Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy For Her Birthday

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsBoyfriends everywhere are going to want to take serious notes from this guy. This boyfriend just blew every other birthday gift out of the water with a sweet birthday surprise – a baby pug.
Jonathan Dipierro, a guy from New Jersey is about to give his girlfriend the most lovable gift ever.

He has been preparing for this for a long time and has recorded this beautiful and exciting moment. They have been going out for almost two years and bought a house together. Jonathan wants to do something really nice for her birthday as he says she deserves a world. So he decides to make her wish come true because she has wanted a pug for a long time. The pug is only 4 months old and already responding to orders.

Judging by her look, she knows that her boyfriend will make her day but she never imagines that the days to come will be filled with joy and delight having the pug around. She is really taken by aback by this cutie. She cannot hold her tears of happiness back as she hold and pets the pug in her arms. No sooner her boyfriend introduces the puppy, we can see that they immediately connect. It is unquestionable that she will never forget this birthday.
Now they are living happily with the new member of the family.

Happiness comes in different ways and forms. Happiness is in everything. It is in the rain, the sun, the blizzard and for this girl it is standing barefoot in the snow just to make a warm welcome to the love of her life. She is really enjoying the moment, being present for that gift that is her boyfriend and allowing it to become intense.

The video footage shows a girl coming home just to be greeted by her boyfriend. Moments before she is swept off her feet by the wonderful surprise! She opens the door and is totally unaware what her boyfriend is up to. She is completely taken by surprise, caught off-guard as the only thing she does is kissing him with an intensity of a child after not expecting to receive the gift of a lifetime. And while she can't believe her eyes when she sees the moving box in front of her, she is completely taken by surprise. She is so overwhelmed with joy, she can barely pull herself together. Her tears of joy become out tears as well, and for sure no one can stay indifferent to the moment.

There is part in our lives that is made to move. And it is usually on a level that is better and more exciting than the previous one. This couple just took their life-changing leap of commitment, by buying a house together and moving in. So, the man of the house thought that they should take the next step, before starting a family of their own. What else, but owning a pet together!

This sweet animal-loving birthday girl thought she was coming home to her boyfriend just to receive the surprise of her lifetime! In fact, her loving guy got her a gift she could never forget!
Footage shows the unsuspecting girl coming home with a flower bouquet in her hands, only to be greeted by her man at their front porch. The moment she enters the door he tells her to close her eyes. It is at that moment that she knows that something great is about to happen!

Moments later, she realizes that her birthday dream has really came true, after her boyfriend hands her a cardboard box with a pug in it. The girl is utterly puzzled and confused and doesn’t know how to react. Is this true? She gets to hold to the tiny pug, remembering the best day of her life! Cuteness overload! That is what she always wanted!

Do you remember the first time you asked for a pet? You nagged your mom and dad, begging for that sweet little ball of fluffy that you saw on the street or at the pet store. ‘I’ll love ‘im, and pet ‘im, and feed ‘im, and walk ‘im…’ were probably the words you chanted over and over, in the hopes of convincing mama and dada that you are old and mature enough to take care of another living being.

Let’s face it, pets are hard to take care of! Especially when they are really young and tiny, they need constant companionship from a mother figure, or they will whine and cry and bark, driving you mad! But when they grow up with you, they will remember how much you took care of them and they will love and respect you to the end of their days.

If, however, you did manage to convince your parents that you will be very good to the pet and take care of it, then you probably already had the surprise most kids only dream of. To get down the stairs one day and meet your new best friend! In this case scenario, it is the caring boyfriend who gives the girl the surprise of her lifetime, and fulfills her deepest secret, owning a pug!

Moral of the story: we are definitely adding baby pug to the top of our birthday list. Happy birthday, girl!

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