Aluminum Weld Repair of Arctic Cat F7 Bulkhead

4 months ago

This project was brought to me for a crack repair on an aluminum bulkhead of an Arctic Cat F7 sled. You can see it the video that the crack started from the factory wire fed weld where they stopped welding and never filled in the puck mark, or asshole as welders call it. It was only cracked on the left side of the sled; I dug out the crack so I could get full penetration by welding from both sides. Most welding now is done with MIG, it is the way to lay down as much filler as possible in the shortest span of time, regardless of the material, but what may look terrific from the outside is not always so good on the inside. When you run over it with TIG the porosity and contaminants appear, and start to burn off. The key is that with TIG you are not continually adding filler material, so you can burn out those contaminants.
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