Curious Cat Closely Observes Sharks From The Dock

gilliansharkPublished: March 3, 2018Updated: March 5, 2018313 plays$0.75 earned
Published: March 3, 2018Updated: March 5, 2018

A funny video has emerged of a curious cat closely observing sharks from the dock. Who would have thought that a cat could be that much intrigued with these big fish!

These ignorant sharks don't seem to mind the curious cat all too much, in fact they might be eager to befriend the cat as this friendly feline is to curious to meet the sharks! What an odd pair of friends! It appears that this fearless cat wants to play with the sharks at her own risk!

They say “curiosity killed the cat”, but that is not the case with the feline in this video! As curiosity is a healthy way of learning, this little kitten finds out what a shark is! Footage shows a cat standing on the edge of a dock, closely investigating the sharks who are lurking in the water beneath. The kitten is seen perched up on dock, curiously sniffing and investigating the strange-looking and smelling creatures in the water. Those are some big fish all right!

Cats can literally brighten up our days with their antics. When was the last time you heard a cat story and it was anything normal? They get themselves stuck in such sticky situations, you are often left wondering how they managed to get there. And if that’s not funny enough, just one look at them chasing their tails would do the job.

We often hear the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’, however, in this case, curiosity only intrigued the cat to look closer into the water and observe the massive creatures. The street cat obviously didn’t mind stopping by at the dock and observing the finned creatures with such attention. Of course, the cat is not in danger and only observes the sharks from a distance.

Credit to @gillian.shark

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