Needy Saint Bernard Watches Playoffs With Owner, Dozing On The Couch

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Published: March 29, 2017Updated: March 30, 2017

A heartwarming footage has emerged of the daily routine of one dog lover and his loyal canine companion. Footage shows what this man goes through every time he wants to sit down and watch a game on TV. His dog immediately hops on the couch and snuggles with owner. You have to admit she is good company, too, especially on cold nights.

Owner explains that Shasha’s behavior is result of her dog sitter spoiling her. Apparently, she has turned into a large couch potato lap dog in the process. Now, when owner tries to watch football Shasta immediately hops along, and snuggles on the couch next to him, so that they can relax together and enjoy in their favorite show!

Watch the adorable moment when this goofy dog cuddles with her owner and lies on his shoulder. If this is not love, we don’t know what is! The snuffly pooch lays her paw on owner’s body, wagging her tail and enjoying the alone time with her beloved human!

It is indeed hard focusing on a football game when your needy Saint Bernard is demanding attention. It is adorable what this dog would do just to be closer to owner. This snuggly ball of fur sure knows how to show love and affection! Her reaction is priceless!

She is not really interested in the game, she just wants to snuggle with owner. There is no crime in that, right? She didn’t settle until she occupied owner’s entire lap with her large body.

Admittedly, she is a good way of keeping warm during winter nights. It is adorable how she inches her way across his body, making sure that she covers most of his body. This is her way of showering owner with love and affection. Cuteness overload!


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