Gentle Giant Dog Minds His Strength With Tiny Frenchie

Published February 27, 2018 1,001 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe Bullmastiff and the French Bulldog are getting along perfectly in this video. They have a real understanding of each other’s needs. And when dogs are needy, it usually means a time for recreational activities. Bullmastiffs are highly protective of their people and property and are highly unlikely that a strange animal will ever be welcome in a Bullmastiff's yard. But here, we witness totally the opposite. We see one huge and one tiny dog that share the same thirst for running, games and teasing. We can only conclude that this Bullmastiff was properly socialized.

The <a href=" " target="_blank">French Bulldog</a> is comical, entertaining and dependably amiable. It is livelier than one would expect from his chunky appearance. He is so frisky and ball-chasing is one of its passions.

These dogs definitely love to clown around. Both are quite stubborn but here we see that the <a href="" target="_blank">bullmastiff</a> is mild-mannered and lets his friend take lead in the games.

The rule is to smell the opponent in order to get to know them. When that is accomplished, we may pronounce the playtime as officially open. But this smell does not last long because this tiny dog is in a real high-spirited mode and does not have time to waste. His quite bigger and stronger friend does not hesitate to give in and he always allows his friend to be in charge of the game. The bullmastiff even crashes on his back, his legs in the air so it can make some more space for the bulldog to poke more fun at him. Back and forth, the French bulldog snaps at the mastiff and what the mastiff does is leaning his head on the lawn and carefully observes how his friend makes the most of his exhilarating challenge.