This Mom Used Her Little Daughter As An Umbrella

Published February 24, 2018 25,682 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWhen you encounter rainstorm in the outdoors, your instant reaction may be lifting something to protect your head. However, a mother chose to use her baby girl as a human 'umbrella' instead. This woman is caught on camera using her daughter as an umbrella during a rainstorm. This is probably one of the most outrageous videos that has sparked a lot of anger on social media.

The video is recorded at night and we can see this lady in summer outfit, black shorts and a red T-shirt, how is holding a little girl above her head as she runs towards a car in a parking lot outside a shopping mall. She then hesitates and darts back towards the shops, still holding aloft the poor child, who is wearing matching pink T-shirt and shorts, to protect herself from the <a href="" target="_blank">downpour</a> . And instead of covering the little girl’s head, she only minds about her head covering it with the girl’s body.

It is not known whether the woman is her mother but she clearly is not concerned about the child catching a cold - just as long as her hair is kept nice and dry.

This clip is shot by an astonished <a href="" target="_blank">onlooker</a> in a car, who simply exclaims: 'Bruh!’ The couple in the car, probably taken aback by what they see, let out an exclamation of amazement and shriek with an audible laughter. Not surprisingly, the rainstorm clip has generated different sorts of storm on social media.