Stop breaking your own heart !

2 months ago

Stop breaking your own heart !

Did you know that self-love is critically important for living a fulfilled life?

And, that self-love isn’t a ‘feeling word’, it’s an ‘action word’?

When we love ourselves, we open ourselves to greater miracles in every area of our lives.

Perhaps you know this already?
If you do, you are miles ahead of the game.

Most people on the planet have never heard of the concept of self-love, let alone have a healthy practice of it.

But, here’s is the thing: it’s impossible to have easy, fulfilling relationships, enjoy your successes or great health, without the vibration of self-love being present in your body.

Practicing self-love allows the return of magic in your life.

Anything you feel for yourself other than self-love is simply resistance to LIFE, to the magic and beauty of who you truly are!

In the video above, I take you through 3 easy steps to increase your capacity for self-love and to reactivate the areas in you that are stunted or numbed out, because of pain, trauma or overwhelm.

Step 1: Connecting in ...

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