Sci-Girl Explains One Weird Visual Illusion

Published February 22, 2018 32 Plays

Rumble Magic tricks along with optical illusions might even fall in the same basket taking into consideration tat both can deceive your eyes. It is also a fact that is very very interesting to watch. We can always use a little sheering up and going to a show, where we can see things that we strongly believe that are real but usually come to understand that all that was a lie. Magic, especially illusion tricks tend to hide behind reality and the truth which makes it even more fun to see.

Most of the time we have to go out of the way to purchase tickets and spend money for such a show, where as nowadays it is easy to come across such show by only connecting to the internet and searching for videos of such category.

This girl has us on our toes as she happens to perform an illusion which seems to look very interesting and attention grabbing and even something that you might find an interest in learning how to do. She does take us step by step explaining the process of how our minds can be tricked. So, here is a video of how to trick your brain with optical illusions.

There is always new and innovative ways to keep you busy, and if you might think for a second you know them all, you might be too quick with conclusions. Take a look as this video is somewhat ready to amaze you!