Toddler Gives Hilarious Reaction While Getting Haircut

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Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the adorable moment when a moody toddler visits the barbershop to get a hair trim, but has a sudden change of hearts and decides to boycott the entire process. Many toddlers are known to shrink in fear at the sight of the haircutting scissors or shriek hysterically when held still for a snip, but this little guy is something else. Check out his silly antics!

It’s always so hard to find the right person you can trust to pay great attention to your hair. It might sound crazy, but whether you are a man or a woman, you’d always want to have a decent haircut and you wouldn’t settle for anything less. Think of hair as a frame for a picture. If the frame is bad, the art is less noticeable.

It seems that this kid has learned his lesson well, because he won’t settle for any haircut less than fabulous. The little boy is so in tune with his locks that he even feels when an inch is an inch too much and he makes sure his barber knows it. The little guy gives the most hilarious expression that had us laughing to our hearts content! That little angry pout is extremely adorable!

The barber was trying to clean up the edges on the back of this guy’s head, but apparently the blade was too sharp and the position was way off because the toddler was fast to react. Head turning and an expression on his face that is worth a million words, he literally told his barber off. His reaction had the whole barbershop in tears. The tot quickly realized that his reaction is the reason for the laughter, so he decided to do it again whenever the blade comes close to his scalp. It was absolutely hilarious!

Kids get dramatic all the time about different stuff and parents are actually used to it. Can you imagine a kid being both scared and tense about getting a haircut? Well take a look at this other funny video where a little boy throws some major tantrum about a hair trim!

The young boy sits on a chair while the hairdresser carefully trims his hair with an electric razor. The youngster asks his mom to look at his iPhone while he shakes his body and wiggles his feet as if something bad was happening. The woman hairdresser tells the boy to hold still so she can do her job. But then the boy causes a bigger scene by crying out loud.

And if you think that was the end of his tantrum, well he next decided to scream even louder. He is such a drama queen!‘I wanna get off. Mommy take my iPhone away, I’m going to die!’ the boy was saying in panic. His reaction was so theatrical, we are glad that he didn’t hurt himself trying to get away from the hairdresser. Unluckily for him the lady just laughed at him and continued cutting his hair. Shame on her!

Getting a haircut isn't always the most pleasant experience, especially for kids, but it's also not the end of the world, right?! Nothing is able to console this boy as his mom decides to invite the hairdresser to give him a proper haircut at their home! This might be the most dramatic haircut session you've ever seen! Prepare yourself for some serious laugh!


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