Cheerful Baby Boy Loves His First Haircut

Published December 20, 2017 150,078 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the adorable moment when a cheeky toddler visits the hairdresser and fully enjoys having his haircut. Levi is laughing so much during his very first haircut that it makes everyone around him crack up! Cuteness overload!

Footage shows the hilarious moment when a cheerful boy adorably giggles at the hairdresser’s salon when the hairdresser sprays water on his hair and combs them hairs backward in order to prepare him for what follows - a nice trim! However, it seems like this toddler is utterly enjoying when someone touches his hair and isn’t afraid to show it! Adorable!

It seems like he really loves the tingling sensation that combing gives to his cranial nerves. This fun-loving toddler just can't stop laughing at the hairdresser. Who knew that such a boring activity could be so entertaining? You won't believe how this little boy reacts to a simple trim - he is absolutely enjoying every moment of it! While most would find it dull, he finds it absolutely hilarious!

Kids tend to get dramatic when they experience new, different stuff and parents are actually used to receiving them temper tantrums. However, these parents never expected their son to love his first haircut experience so much! Can you imagine a kid getting ecstatic about getting a haircut? Well, take a look at this funny video where a little boy gets continuous fits of laughter during his first hair trim, much to everyone’s amusement! How cute is that!?

The young boy sits on a chair while the hairdresser carefully sprays his hair with water and combs them hairs backward so that she can start cutting the hair. Instead of causing a big scene by crying out loud and boycotting the trimmer, the baby boy has us in stitches when he suddenly starts cracking up to the new sensation.

Getting a haircut isn't always the most pleasant experience, especially for kids, but this cheeky boy seems to be enjoying the experience big time! Hilarious!

Many a toddler is known to shrink in fear at the sight of the haircutting scissors or shriek hysterically when held still for a snip. But, not this adorable toddler. He loves his first haircut. There is nothing more contagious than the laughter from the little ones. Tell us honestly, that you didn't laugh when you watched this adorable video. He really loves it and we can’t get enough of his laugh!

However, as he said not all toddlers enjoy haircuts. Any parents out there with a kid who doesn’t love haircuts? Well, you can thanks us later because we have some great advice for you. When you go to the hair salon with your baby and about to have a haircut, don’t forget to fill your purse with candies. The more bribes you have to calmer the child. Also, if there is a salon where you know that is child-friendly you should take your child there. They will have fun toys so your kid can play with! So adorable!