Talented Dog Loves Singing His Favorite Song

sharkforsale Published February 15, 2018 1,519 Plays $2.44 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever wondered if dogs enjoy music? Well, look no further than this adorable video of Frank the Dogue de Bordeaux singing his favorite song "No One" by Alicia Keys. In fact, Frank knows the song so well, that all he needs to do is hear the talking in the beginning of the video and his motor starts running. This dog cracks me up!

Howling along with the music, not only is this pooch not attempting to bother his owners ears, he's is really trying to show off his impressive soprano singing skills too. The howling, or in the case the impressive high notes we consider to be the big next talent. Seriously, this dog is a better singer than I am. Even in my daydreams of being a world-famous pop star. Frank enjoys his quiet evening at home until his owner plays his favorite song. This is when the spotlight comes on Frank. He begins to raise his own voice and howls along the song as he is preparing for the big show. He really puts his heart and soul into the song.

At one point his owner pauses the song and we can see that Frank isn't happy as he puts on his grumpy face. However this is just a cute little joke towards Frank. As he wants to show his owner how serious is he about his song, he stands up and gets closer towards him and sings even louder and more passionate. This singing dog is definitely Alicia's competition!