Howling Husky Sings Along With Owner Playing The Guitar

AFV Published October 24, 2017 15,292 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe have all heard that Huskies can be really vocal and cast on singing talent shows. However, this Husky sure takes singing to the next level when she decides to sing along with her human playing the guitar. Husky shows some serious talent with its singing, nailing both high and low notes. It is amazing to hear different sounds coming from the mouth of a dog, but it is also unbelievable to see this dog go “all in” with its vocal cords and gives a special performance.

At the beginning of this video, we see a guy playing his acoustic guitar and a husky relaxing on the couch next to him. Soon after, the Husky decides to join to the rhythm of the music and starts humming with the melody. Moments later the dog goes deep into the singing and steals the show.

This Husky sure knows how to steal the thunder of this man playing the guitar, and even tries to go solo to the sound of music, by trying to sing as loud as it possibly can, to annul the voice of her owner. These two should definitely form a band and write songs, but first they should tune up and synchronize better.

Not only does this canine sing on cue with his human he looks super relaxed and howls with ease. We have already thought of a few potential band names such as Howls ‘N Human, Husky Harmony, Puppy Blues Or Old Dogs New Tricks.