Dog Daddy Educates His Sons On The Importance Of Fair Fight

Published February 15, 2018 4,081 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNo matter the species, the importance of a father figure remains the same. They are all there to educate their little ones on important aspects of life, starting with tying your shoelaces. You can’t just go out with your laces hanging loose, or you’ll trip and fall.

Then there are the bigger issues, like controlling your curiosity, not shying away from work, being stout and holding your ground. Usually, those things are taught with leading by example. Another thing you can teach your kids by leading with an example is the importance of a fair fight.

Same goes for dogs. They teach their little ones so many important aspects of life as a dog, but oftentimes they get to teach the pups how important it is to get into a good old brawl with your siblings.

To demonstrate, this Pitbull papa made it a point to start a brawl with his two kiddos, as they jump and climb on top of him. They nibble on his nose and tug on his ears, but dear old pop endures it all. One day, they will have kids of their very own, or at least have to share their living space with a human baby and they need to know the importance of patience as well.

Everyone starts at that age and they learn with experience. Dad went through it and he needs to show his baby bullies how it is done.