Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim

A loving Labrador dad took it upon himself to teach his precious little puppies how to swim, and by the looks of it, it was a very successful first lesson! The puppies follow him wherever he goes, and when he jumps into the water, they follow him. Then, he takes them to explore the beautiful surroundings and dry of a bit before having another go at the swimming part!

Teaching young puppies the essential stuff in life is a crucial part of their upbringing, and without a doubt these puppies will never be afraid of the water. We can just imagine how they'll react when it's time to go to the beach - a much bigger pond, plus rolling around in the warm sand.

This heartwarming moment just made our day! They are all so happy and excited to be learning something new and interesting like swimming. But the most important part is that all the puppies are very obedient and none of them strays to explore the nature by itself. Talk about a happy dog family! Labradors are one of the most sought after dog breeds, and by watching this video, we can understand why it is so. Very smart dogs, indeed.

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