Fresh Snow Was The Perfect Refreshment For These Gorillas

SloggerVloggerPublished: February 14, 2018Updated: February 16, 20185,800 views
Published: February 14, 2018Updated: February 16, 2018

Way back when we were younger, we loved eating the fresh snow. It looked exactly like the snow cones our parents used to get us at fairs in the summer, only snow was tasteless (unless you count the occasional spect of dirt that came along with it). Also, “don’t eat the yellow snow” became a staple throughout our adult lives, although we probably had no idea what it meant back then.

When snow fell in Twycross, Leicestershire, England these past week, the Silverback gorillas went out to have their own taste of the white stuff. Just like any human would, they would gather up the snow in ball and munch on it. Mmm, refreshing!

The Gorilla Family from the Twycross Zoo in England woke up this morning to freezing weather and some snow. Even though the family doesn't like to stay outside in the cold, they do love to eat snowballs!

Oumbi the big Silverback gorilla was the first to go outside to get himself some white stuff. He did his tightrope walk to the other side of the platform where he gathered the fresh snow together and ended up with a huge chunk of snow on his hand. He was joined by his older son Lope, who took advantage of his dad no looking to grab a huge chunk of snow from the roof and brought it inside with him to nibble on the frozen refreshment!

In the end, we are all kids on the inside!

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