This Winter-Loving Labrador Loves To Catch Snowballs

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Published: January 19, 2018Updated: January 22, 2018

It is the most wonderful time of the year! When snow falls and covers everything on the ground, one can’t help but feel a kind of serenity. Everything is so quiet and calmer and the world looks so clean because of all that white...Ah, bliss…

But snow can be a burden as well, because when it covers your driveway, or entryway, or your doorstep, you have to take it upon yourself to remove it, so that your life might continue uninterrupted. If you have one of those innovative shovels, where you basically push the snow out of the way, rather than throwing it over your shoulder, it could be easier. But most of us have the simplest shovels and shovelling all that snow is a burden.

If you ask this fellow, he will probably tell you that shovelling snow is the most fun activity one can ever have - if they were a dog! A Golden Retriever had the fun of his life when a man was clearing the snow from in front of his business, probably because he thought the the flying chunks of snow were balls!

Balls everywhere!

As the man was tossing the semi-frozen powder over the railing it would break up into chunks as big as a tennis ball, a perfect pastime for a snowball-loving pooch! A type of Pokemon, if you will. Gotta catch them all!

When we see dog having so much fun in the snow, we can’t help but wonder. If you can’t trust a man who doesn’t like dogs, does the same go for a man who doesn’t like snow?

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