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Moving Windshield Wipers Put Confused Puppy Into Hypnotic Trance

A funny video has emerged of one very confused puppy riding in the front seat of a car trying to figure out the purpose of the windshield wipers. Apparently, this puzzled lab isn't used to the rain, so when he sees the windshield wipers go off on the car he stares at them with mere confusion, following their every move, swinging his head to the left and to the right, accordingly!

It is raining outside, and owner had to activate the windshield wipers which put his dog into ecstasy. Watch as this energetic pooch moves his head to the left and to the right as if he is hypnotized by the moving objects. Hilarious!

It seems like it is this dog’s first time riding in the car during rain. Check out the funny encounter this curious pup had with the strange moving objects in front of him that seem to be out of reach! This puppy sees windshield wipers for the first time and is so confused about their existence!

We have previously seen similar video of dogs reacting to the windshield wipers. Some tried to make a good snack out of it, others instantly went attack mode on them. However, this adorable pooch has a different approach to the strange moving objects dancing in front of his eyes!

Watch as the young pup stares with mere confusion at the windshield wipers. Judging by his reaction, we cannot decide whether he is scared or amused! It is adorable to see how closely he observes the strange moving objects and is hypnotized by their dance routine. Adorable!

How does your pet react when you turn on the windshield wipers?

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