Golden Retriever Puppy Goes Attack Mode On The Windshield Wipers

Published February 2, 2018 34,269 Views $138.80 earned

A funny video has emerged of one energetic Golden Retriever puppy riding in the front seat of a car, going attack mode on the windshield wipers. This was Porkchop’s first time being in the car with rain. Check out the funny encounter this curious pup had with the strange moving objects that seem to be out of reach!

Footage shows the five-months-old pup trying to bite the windshield wipers and it is hilarious! It is raining outside, and owner had to activate the windshield wipers which put his dog into ecstasy. Watch as this energetic pooch closely observes the strange moving objects in front of him. He is sitting right up against the windshield and gets annoyed every time the wipers move. Immediately he goes attack mode and tries to catch the moving windshield wipers. He quickly jumps back trying to catch them, and never gives up!

At first, the windshield wipers move back and forth slowly, the dog only has an opportunity to try and catch it every few seconds. A few moments later, they start to move faster and so does the dog, so funny! He is right on beat with the wipers that it looks like he is putting on a dance performance! Porkchop looks very confused, and wonders why can't he achieve his goal. Sorry little guy, but it doesn't seem like you're going to catch the windshield wipers anytime soon.

It is hilarious how the little pooch is determined to bite on the moving objects. He puts all of his energy into grasping the annoying wipers obstructing his view up front! The pup gets irritated because no matter how hard he tries to nail the wipers, he always seems to be one step behind. Maybe owner show skip driving with Porkchop on rainy days, unless he wants to have his windshield scratched from this little guy’s paws!

How does your pet react on the windshield wipers?

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