Try To Find The Cat That's Hiding Among These Owls

TipHero Published February 8, 2018 326,953 Plays

Rumble The human brain is truly remarkable. It is capable of orchestrating multiple activities inside the human body at the same time. It can process information, give feedback and store them inside for further use. It orders glands to secrete hormones that make the body work all the while allowing us to form coherent speech and look put together on the outside.

But sometimes the brain can cause quite the commotion. Usually when a new information is introduced, the brain tries to gather all sort of relevant past data about it and decide whether it is something it previously encountered or it’s a completely new thing. If it fits past parameters, the brain will store it with other data alike, if it’s new, it will open up another drawer for the processed information. Sometimes during this data distribution, the human mind can be fooled into thinking that a new information is an old information based on the similarities. This makes it store this new occurence in a wrong file and we are left tricked by an illusion.

Take this photo for example. In it, we can see a lot of owls. Our brain grabs this information and tries to break it down. It sees that the picture is composed of owls, medium-sized birds with small beaks and large eyes. Their feathers are sandy brown and white and there is a large amount of them overlapping each other, making it difficult to count the. Seeing only one of them is enough to give our brain the image of the owl, and any other owl we see would be stored as past information. Only, are all of them owls? If you look closely you will single the odd one out. The kitten is the same colour as the owls, making our brain mistake it as an owl. Pretty cool, right?