Clever Orangutan Youngster Build Its Own Hammock

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Published: February 6, 2018Updated: February 8, 2018

An incredible footage has emerged of a clever Sumatran orangutan youngster building itself a hammock high in the trees in Chester Zoo in England. Footage shows as the youngster is wrapping the sack around him and trying to attach it to the tree. When he is finally getting it to stay attached to the tree he starts seesawing and rocking around. Adorable!

This orangutan youngster wasn’t too impressed in sleeping on tree branches, so he decided to make himself a hammock and rock himself to sleep. How genius!

Despite being cooped up in England's Chester Zoo, this primate didn’t let the captivity to change his creativity! He somehow got to the idea to build himself a hammock high in the trees, in order to escape the crowds and enjoy some alone time. Watch as he expertly ties the ends of the blanket around the tree branch, leaving just enough slack to create a comfortable hammock.

In the wild, orangutans sleep among the tree tops and make their nests using foliage folded carefully together. Nest building has an important social function among orangutans, as knowledge of how to construct them is passed down from mother to baby. It takes an orangutan until the age of three to be able to construct its own nest, which is a sign that it is ready to leave their mothers.

With jute sack in its hand, the orangutan climbed the tree high enough to effectively separate himself from the zoo patrons below. His master plan was up and running, so he took his sack and found the perfect branch to mount his hammock. After some fails and trial errors, this craftsy youngster completed his mission and is probably resting in his nest as speak.

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