Genius Orangutan Builds Her Own Cozy Hammock

Published December 28, 2015 150,486 Views

This 14-year old female Orangutan, from a zoo in Thailand, is so innovative and smart! She is able to make a hammock with minimal material and it looks quite cozy as well!

She finds a rag on the floor of her enclosure and grab it to her side. With a few expert strides, the orangutan is on the walls of the cage and begins her prep. Good thing she can hold herself with her toes as well, one foot on the bottom, while she props herself upright with the other. With deft fingers, she knots one end of the rag on one side, then knots the other end of the opposite side and makes sure that the knots are tight, before casually jumping into her hammock. This is DYI at its finest, ladies and gents!

Orangutans are the most intelligent primates. They spend most of their times in trees and their hair is usually reddish-brown. A lot of bonding occurs between the mothers and their offspring in the first couple of years. They love to eat fruit and it is a major part of their diet.

It is amazing to see that this Orangutan is able to make a hammock all by herself, she makes it look quite easy. It is fascinating to see her tying the fabric onto the bars making appropriate strong knots. Orangutans are a lot more clever than we think, they can create something interesting from the materials they possess in front of them. Orangutans in the wild make their sleeping beds with only branches and materials from the trees. Most of us would probably find it difficult to create something practical with no instructions. These apes are very gentle and practical animals. Just look at this sweet lady, she is an amazing DIYer!

Credit to 'Animal Cognition'. Check out their Facebook page for more.

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