Parents Embarrass Their Daughter With ‘Uptown Funk’ Public Dance

Published February 6, 2017 5,012,481 Plays

Rumble Some people’s spirit doesn’t fade as years go by. Who said parents can’t have fun? Once in a while they know how to act as party animals. But let’s admit, we're all getting embarrassed by our parents' behavior every once in a while. This young lady decided to capture her parents going nuts in their driveway! It is what she deals with, and she wants everybody to know!

She and her mom were getting ready to go shopping. They want to have fun on their way to the mall, so the girl plays Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ song "Uptown Funk" loud on the radio. The moment the mom hears the song, she starts dancing like nobody's watching. Dad hesitates a bit, but just seconds later, he decides to join the party! You just have to see the moves these two are pulling off. It's beyond hilarious! Her parents put on quite a show.

"You’re gonna break her hip" yells the girl to her dad. But it seems daddy isn’t listening to her. And the show must go on… We have to admit that this couple pulled off some very impressive moves.

The father retreats to his garage, but it looks like mom still wants to party.

Couples like this are always a pleasure to watch, and even though their daughter is a bit embarrassed. We believe it's cool to have parents that know how to party like rock stars, and aren't ashamed to show it to the rest of the world... or neighbors!


  • Rebel, 2 years ago

    awesome !!

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    • wookie, 2 years ago

      F off!

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  • GollyRojer, 2 years ago

    Wow, those are some cool folks! Looks like they've got a grip on what's important and what's not. Like, enjoying yourself versus worrying what someone might think.

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  • ggas, 2 years ago

    You can only hope you learn from that. Live every minute!

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  • sassy22, 2 years ago

    she is just having fun

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  • caroleanderson, 2 years ago

    and now all the world can see it since you had to post it on line...I dont think you're all that embarrassed. I am like your mom...I am like my dad. If the song is good...gonna dance, no matter where I am.

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  • JosefStalin, 2 years ago
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    • wookie, 2 years ago

      Maybe happy Joesey, but u probably don't know what that is, u must be a liberal!!

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  • wookie, 2 years ago

    She is hot!!!

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  • onefineseamstres, 2 years ago

    LOVE IT... the daughter should be thrilled her parents are still so happy.

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