JUAN O SAVIN- Antarctica Stories & Science- JACO 2 12 2024

3 months ago

This goes deeper into the related stories around the contemporary Groups that have become the BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION.
The truth is very much a stranger brew.
The Way it flows is diversion because none of this is PUBLIC. You can see it for yourself. The TOURS and CRUISES to Antarctica are Available and not expensive for the Experience. Of course Summer will be gone in the Southern Hemisphere soon.
And the Sea down there can be rough. As Juan had 22 foot seas and 55 knot winds last night. Good numbers. But a bit much for a Ship of lesser capabilities.
Here is the K 129 Glomar Explorer story on 3/11 1968: https://rumble.com/v2hipwk-juan-o-savin-k129-russian-sub-incident-1968-doug-hagmann-show-10-20-2013.html
Go along for the Tour and Juan is headed home.
And here is the story about SERVING MANKIND:
This makes it a very interesting connection.
And the person and work that was the Flat Earth "program" was: From PSYOP To Mind War: The Psychology Of Victory By Colonel Paul E. Valley (Commander) With Major Michael A. Aquino (PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader) So do a little research PLEASE!

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