JUAN O SAVIN- K129 Russian Sub incident 1968 -Doug Hagmann Show- 10 20 2013

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This is a Legendary Story that Juan had direct knowledge of.. the Russian K-129 Submarine incident March 8 1968 .. that sank after breaking up North of Hawaii, possibly could have started a Nuclear War. So few understood the dynamics... this was armed and went through tests to bomb Pearl Harbor. This never happened. The most expensive Ship ever Built did the Salvage and was the Cover Story. Howard Hughes (owner of the Glomar Explorer) built the ship to mine for Magnesium Nodules on the floor of the Ocean. That ship was used to Salvage the Submarine. A very amazing Story. Where the end may have been very dire, if the Russians had succeeded. China, USA and Russia.. world powers in play today.

HEADLINES TODAY 4 10 2023 - Russia K-329 being prepared for Strategic Nuclear Drills. TITLE PAGE is K-329 “Belgorod” Submarine.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that they have begun Large-Scale Military Exercises in the Arctic Ocean and across the Arctic Circle; these Exercises are reported to include Strategic Nuclear Drills that will most likely involve the Russian K-329 “Belgorod” Submarine which can carry Status-6 “Poseidon” Nuclear-Torpedos.
In 1968 — the middle of the Cold War — the Soviet submarine K-129 disappeared, taking with it its 98-member crew, three nuclear ballistic missiles and a tempting treasure trove of Soviet secrets. Without the technology to retrieve it from the ocean floor, the Soviet Union left it there. It was considered lost — until the CIA stepped in.
Josh Dean's new book, The Taking of K-129, tells the true story of Project Azorian, a secret CIA mission to lift the submarine from a depth of more than 3 miles into a custom-built ship called the Hughes Glomar Explorer.
How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History.

"There had been no salvage of a submarine below 1,000 feet at that point," Dean says. " ... [It's] probably the greatest feat of naval engineering. And on top of that, you had to do it in secret because it's not like a giant ship parked in the middle of the Pacific — where giant ships aren't normally parked — isn't going to arouse suspicion."

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