Beagle Gets Jealous When Snapping Turtle Gets His Treats

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Published: February 4, 2018Updated: February 6, 2018

Buddha is a greedy little beagle who loves his food even more than the average dog does. When a snapping turtle showed up at the cottage dock and looked at people expectantly, it was clear that it was hoping for food. The family ran up to the kitchen and brought back some chicken. The turtle began gobbling it up as fast as they handed it out and they began recording.

This cottage is in a very remote area in northern Ontario. The snapping turtles have had very little contact with humans and are unlikely to even see any, except at this cottage. This family has occasionally left fish scraps beside the dock and they have even gotten in the water with the turtles to feed them. The turtles are curious and very gentle.

While this was going on, Buddha, the family dog became increasingly jealous. He could smell the chicken and didn't like the thought of the turtle getting all the treats. He licked at the water and leaned over the edge of the dock to try to get his share. His family was more than a little nervous that Buddha's nose in the water might get confused with food and the turtle might latch on.

Buddha watches and begs, completely convinced that his puppy dog eyes are more appealing, but when he gets ignored, he decides to lunge for the chicken in Kristy's fingers. Buddha's jealousy is not surprising. Beagles are all noses and stomachs and Buddha is no exception.

This is a common snapping turtle, which should not be confused with an alligator snapping turtle. The common snapper is much smaller and much less aggressive. Their jaws are not capable of the same clamping pressure. A common snapping turtle in water will almost never bit unless it is grabbed. On land, however, they become defensive and unapproachable.

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