Giant snapping turtle acts just like a dog

tanktheturtlePublished: May 26, 2017Updated: May 30, 201724,623 views
Published: May 26, 2017Updated: May 30, 2017

Tank has been in the family for about 8 years now. He interacts with them and is involved in many things. Being a 37 pound male common snapping makes him a big turtle. Tank takes life in stride and is easy going. He see no reason to bite anyone and doesn't. Whether it's sunning outside or cuddling on the couch he is docile and friendly. Tank is an educational turtle that visits many schools and organizations during the year. Life is good for the big man-turtle!

Did anyone other than the man in this video know that a snapping turtle this big can be so tamed? That's awesome! Although he looks quite scary, he is the most chilled out turtle that you'll see! But not all of them are like that. You can't be going out into the wild and engage one of these guys, as the wild ones are pretty dangerous. Be careful or you might lose a finger.

Are you as much of a fan of this turtle as the man in this video? Looks like they have a bond which cannot be broken. This turtle loves this man and this man definitely loves this turtle.

Check out this dog-like turtle!

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