Ecstatic Dogs Run Across Yard To Greet The Mailman

Published February 1, 2018 68,590 Views $4.96 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the endearing moment when a mailman takes a break from delivering the mail to say hello to his two pals.The mailman can be seen standing in the yard being greeted by two tail-wagging dogs. He even takes the time to pet and scratch the head of the friendly dogs.

Can you imagine what it must be like to work as a mailman? And we are not talking about all the mileage you have to pass everyday, loaded with letters and packages, delivering the mail to thousands of citizens, without mixing them up.

Mailmen get to meet all sorts of folks on the job, friendly folks, hostile folks, quirky folks, and also their pets that come along. Pets can sometimes be protective of their household and not greet the mailman the right way. Some pets might think the mailman as the enemy who is intruding in their home, others might want to scratch his eyes out in order to protect their owners.

Chocolate Labs Chuckie and Nestle love their mailman and he loves them too! He is lucky to have such great ‘housesitters’ on his route, because the way they greet him is downright adorable! The two pups sensed the mailman coming from far away and could barely contain their joy with expectation of the guy they adore!

The moment, he parked his vehicle in front of their house, the ecstatic dogs went to greet him and started running back and forth across the yard. One of the dogs can be seen entering mailman’s vehicle and snooping around the mail. Adorable!