Cat Greets Mailman Every Day Demanding To Be Pet

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Published: September 21, 2016

Could you imagine what it must be like to work as a mailman? Not to mention all the mileage you have to pass everyday, loaded with letters and packages, delivering the mail to thousands citizens.

Mailmen get to meet all sorts of folk on the job - friendly folk, hostile folk, quirky folk, and they all have some sort of pet. Well Levi Davis, a Postman from New Zealand Post, enjoys his daily mail run in the town of Taranaki - mainly because of a particular feline friend! How amazing is that?

If you are still not convinced that being a postman is the greatest job in the world, than maybe seeing this UPS guy snagging a selfie with three happy dogs will change your mind!

Credit to "Levi Davis / New Zealand Post"

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cat on the run caught on cctvcat on the movecat caught on cctv tries to elude capture



  • 1 rumble
    jhb · 1 year ago

    Looked more like the cat was running away...

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    khanhp · 1 year ago

    This cat is one of a kind

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    ZangPong · 51 weeks ago

    That is so super sweet *-* #zangpong