Elephant Puts Happy Feet Into Action, Dancing To The Magic Flute

Published January 31, 2018 80,327 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThis is the heartwarming moment when a bulky elephant starts to move his happy feet to the music, dancing as a man plays the magic flute. In a crowd of camels and elephants, one particular elephant seems to have a good ear for music as he starts to dance along to the rhythm. Incredible!

It is a fact that animals react to certain sounds, but showing emotions like human beings is rare. Michael Telapary is a Dutch Musician who plays the Native American Flutes and performs all over the world.
This time Michael decided to play his flute in front of camels and elephants and see their reaction to his music. Moments after hearing the flute sounds, one of the elephants starts to move his happy feet, dancing to the music, swaying his trunk to the rhythm.

We were amazed at how the elephant reacted to the flute playing and started swinging its trunk back and forth, as the man continued to play his instrument. This is the best interaction we have witnessed regarding an elephant responding to music.

It is amazing how Michael’s performance made this musical animals sway its trunk and happy feet to the rhythm in time with the music and even moved its whole body around in a sort of dance. Did you know that elephants were musical fans? Yes, it’s true! They are apparently especially fond of a certain type of flute commonly used by Native Americans.

In the video we can see Michael Telapary playing his Native Flute for camels and elephants, and witnessing their reactions to it, as part of a series he calls “Michael Telapary’s Flute Tales”. One of the elephants seems to enjoy the music and is much fonder than the other elephant and the camels. Cuteness overload!