Take A Leap Of Faith And Jump From The World’s Tallest Rope Swing

Published January 29, 2018 3,896 Views $11.30 earned

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsHave you heard about the Big Rush? It is located in Durban, South Africa, atop the Moses Mabhida Stadium, and it holds the title of the world’s tallest rope swing according to Guinness. Here you can jump 288 feet off the world's highest rope swing and experience a unique adrenaline rush!

Adrenaline junkies can either ride a Sky Car or hike 550 stairs to reach the top, but there’s only one way down. There’s no turning back once you reach the catwalk some 350 feet in the air. Footage shows the adrenaline pumping moment when a man takes a swing and goes at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. “Three, two, one, jump”!

Watch as this daredevil steps off the catwalk and disappears into the void at Moses Mabhida Stadium. As the rope catches at about 288 feet, the man swings in a long and satisfying arc across the whole stadium with adrenaline coursing through his veins. Yelling in triumph to thousands of empty seats! Imagine stepping to the edge and marveling at the stadium workers below who look like ants crawling through the grass. Incredible!

This object was actually built for the FIFA World Cup soccer games in 2010, and it’s really a work of art. Its beautiful white arches rise 100 meters into the air over the city of Durban and make for a truly astonishing view! Would you take a leap of faith and jump from this stadium on a rope swing?