BASE Jump into NRG Stadium

Published May 17, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Info from Licensor: "You might have to sneak in, but you don’t always have to sneak out! The life of a BASE jumper is somewhat of a lonely one. We live in the shadows of conventional society, fulfilling our passion while the rest of the world is asleep - or looking the other way. As the sun goes down and you are preparing for bed, our day is just beginning. In the darkness is where BASE jumpers move best. The stillness of night is a kind of quietness we find natural, and also appreciate. It’s in this peaceful setting that the noise and chaos of every day life disappears and is replaced with a solace that brings comfort and happiness. In the night, we swiftly make our way to the object we want to jump. There are a huge range of emotions that accompany this journey. These emotions exist from pre-jump to post-landing. Experiencing these emotions forces us to be sharply focused on the task at hand. In fact, this is the essence of ‘being in the moment.’ So, contrary to popular belief that we are just seeking out the next ‘adrenaline high’, we are in fact chasing the pleasure that comes from being in the moment. During this particular jump into the stadium, we very much expected to be seen by someone… anyone. But as we made our landing and looked around, no one came out. And it felt for the first time ever we the jumpers were in the light and the world was in the shadows."