Carefree Cat Catches A Doggie Ride Through The Pool

Published February 14, 2017 8,275 Views

It's a hot day in the land Down Under but Didga and Ice know how to keep cool... A little "Ice surfing" anyone? Didga is one unique cat if you haven’t noticed - she’s not afraid of the water in the pool! Unlike some other cats…

It has been a whopping 100 degrees F and Didga’s owner was asked to doggysit Ice, which is one of his clients’ pet. He get’s dressed into a doggy life vest and out the door they go! The 5-year-old Weimaraner loves the water, and Didga loves her doggy boat!

As Ice gets into the water, he is waiting patiently for his paddle buddy to climb on top of his back, so they both can enjoy the pool (one more than the other, but let’s not split hairs here…)

Didga would climb on Ice’s back and let him transfer her to the other side of the pool, like the true queen that she is!

Some people have a hard time making their cats to stop scratching the furniture, but not Didga! Watch this next video where she performs a ton of her favorite tricks. She is a water loving, dog chasing, skateboard riding miracle of nature, a well behaved, well mannered feline companion. She even goes to the toilet IN THE TOILET and even flushes after herself!

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