Spoiled Parrot Uses Pen To Play The Drums On Owner’s Head

Published January 26, 2018 11,649 Views $2.11 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA hilarious video has emerged of a spoiled parrot playing drums on owner’s head. Check out the funny moment when Frosty hits this woman’s head with a pen to the beat of the song playing in the background, desperately trying to get her attention! Adorable!

Frosty the parrot has a little bit of the devil in him. He’s a prankster, par excellence, tapping out a commanding rhythm on his mistress’s head. Do you think he knows he’s being funny? Don’t think so! We pride ourselves on our pets’ individualist personalities, but unlike dogs and cats, parrots are especially equipped to demonstrate personality. Think about all the tools at their disposal: they can talk, they can sway rhythmically, bob their heads, and apparently, even play the drums. It is no secret that parrots are exceptionally intelligent.

One has to be really smart to know they can be annoying without taking serious repercussions. However, you have to know your limits. Many of us have that special friend, or even a child, who we love so much that we wouldn’t dream of punishing for their minor transgressions such as tapping parent’s head with a pen. Frosty isn’t just looking for attention, he only wants to entertain the audience, and that is what he does in this hilarious video.

Owner says that Frosty is so full of emotion and has curious personality, that he is already part of his human family. Traditional families often decide on owning a dog or a cat, or even a goldfish. However, those families that choose to own a cheeky parrot are in for a lifetime adventure since parrots are unpredictable with their intentions. Take Frosty for example. He is so comfortable in his family role that he knows what he can get away with anything. In this video, he decided to play the drums on owner’s head, using a pen. How creative, right?

His cheeky behavior goes to that extent that he even looks at his owner as he taps her head, hoping to be reprimanded. He deliberately taps her head, trying to be funny and get her full attention. Who knows, maybe that is parrot body language for showing love and emotion!

After watching this video, we cannot help but wonder whether parrots can be taught to play baseball, cricket or soccer, given their beak has a strong grip. Amazingly, this idea isn’t so wild as there are numerous videos featuring basketball-playing parrots. With that kind of talent pool out there, maybe these talented pets can apply to get a college scholarships one day. Sports scholarships aren’t the only opportunity for parrots. Apparently, parrots can also play the drums, if you ask Frosty!

We need more Frosty in our lives, maybe he will become a rock star soon. He’s a charming, he is talented and he is cheeky, the audience digs that! Can you picture Frosty the Parrot in his own reality TV show? With this kind of talent, he can be famous in no time. Does anybody know where Frosty can get a good public relations agent? If he could only be taught to use that pen to sign autographs instead of playing the drum on owner’s head!