Passionate Drummer Is Jamming On His Custom Tricycle Drum Kit

Published January 5, 2018 279 Plays $0.67 earned

Rumble A curious video has emerged of the world’s fastest drum kit. A talented man and a passionate drummer came up with the idea to create and patent the idea for a trike motorcycle with a full drum kit.

Footage was filmed on December 30, 2017 in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA when a couple was driving down the road and came across Mike Pestritto and caught him red-handed in the middle of performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ on his trike. This guy takes jamming to a whole different level!

The design is patented by Michael Pestritto of Pompano Beach, Florida and shows a trike with a 12-piece double-bass kit and a secondary set of controls so someone can control the trike from the passenger seat, while the rider in front can play a wicked drum solo. Pestritto's design has the drums located in such angle that the drummer is centrally located with the weight of the extra equipment evenly distributed on either side.

The patent shows that the sidecar set-up may be too side-heavy, affecting its capacity to turn. Pestritto's solution was to arrange the drum set so that its parts are more or less balanced.

Pestritto calls the motorcycle trike as the 'Iron Thunder, America's Only Extreme Motorcycle Trike Drum Machine.' The motorcycle trike was conceived as the centrepiece of a cross-country tour to raise awareness for heart disease.

Watch as this dude rocks the customized drum kit on his tricycle while he waits, stuck in traffic. Mike knows that one of the most annoying parts of getting stuck in traffic is the thought of wasting away the minutes that could’ve been spent on something more productive, like maybe working on your drum skills.

This couple spotted something odd while driving along a road in Pompano Beach, Florida, but when they took a closer look they found a man playing drums installed in his tricycle while waiting on a traffic light at an intersection. Not a single moment in life should go wasted!

Mike Pestritto is known around town for driving his famous trike with a nice drum set on his vehicle. This whole thing is a bit silly, but it is actually for a good cause. He is raising awareness for heart disease. Keep up the good work buddy!