Kittens Prove That Ball Pit Is Not Their Thing

coleandmarmalade Published January 24, 2018 21,631 Plays

Rumble What kind of person you should be to not love a ball pit? Sure, they can be germ-ridden and you never know when someone will yank your foot on the bottom, but hey, at least they are colorful to look at!

If you love a good people, we think that maybe you have been a dog in your previous life. You should definitely check out what happens when this pooch gets to see his very own ball pit for the first time. It is love at first sight! But when his adopted cat sibling sees the pit of colorful balls, she is not at all impressed. With that analogy, we think that people who stray away from ball pits actually cats in disguise. Don’t bother denying it.

Cole and Marmalade’s owner Chris once made his feline duo a DIY ball pit to entertain them and the two cats had no idea what to do with it at first. We have watched that video many times and we are still not convinced that the cats had any thought about that thing. Chris seems to be convinced they loved it, because when he went to The Cat House on the Kings, California’s largest no-cage, no-kill lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center, he brought those cats a ball pit as well! Let’s see what happens.

Naturally, the kittens were a bit suspicious of the new item in their own backyard. So suspicious, that they needed a bit coercing with a cat wand to bring them inside with the balls. Cats might love a good rotund object to chase around, but the “chasing around” part is crucial! Where would they chase these balls, when they have nowhere to go?!

It would seem that ball pits are definitely not a cat thing!


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