Make Your Own Deluxe Ball Pit To Keep Your Cat Entertained For Days

Published December 26, 2017 527 Plays

Rumble What do you get when you mix two cats and 200 colored balls. A lot of fun! If you are looking to give your cats a nice present this Christmas take a leaf out of Chris the Catman’s book and create this amazing deluxe cat ball pit for them! It’s really simple to make and your kitties will have lots of fun exploring and playing in it! Amazing!

Meet Cole and Marmalade, two domestic cats that are eager to play. Owners decided to give their pets the best Christmas present ever! Upon investigating their new playground, the cats seemed really intrigued by the brand new toy. Although Chris didn’t get the crazy kitty action he had been hoping for, he went ahead and threw a few of their favorite cat treats inside the ball pit for the cats to seek and find.

Footage shows these two felines having loads of fun in their new homemade toy! These cats are very lucky to have a devoted owner like Chris who wouldn’t stop surprising his beloved pets and making sure that they are having the fun they deserve! Watch cats’ reaction when they are given the royal treatment and bestowed with a deluxe ball pit. Good job, Chris!

Spoiled felines Cole and Marmalade live a life of luxury. Owner treats them with awesome cat toys and showers them with lots of love and attention. Check out Chris’s newest experience which involves a deluxe ball pit, and his pets really love it!

He started off by placing a fun cardboard box complex which alone would be enough entertainment for any cat. However, when Chris adds the 200 colorful balls inside, the fun really begins! The cardboard complex becomes a deluxe ball pit and cats are losing it!

To fix this nice treat you need to gather up some cardboard boxes, tape them together, and cut some holes in the sides so the balls can travel through. You can buy ball pit balls from any number of sources, and fill the cardboard box with them. Voila, you have your own deluxe ball pit! Let the fun begin!



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