Dog Won't Let Teen Owner Drive Away Without Him

Published January 24, 2018 906 Views

Rumble Dogs are creatures of simple pleasures. They are at their happiest when they get to spend time with their owner, sharing a snack, catching a ball or a frisbee and the occasional ride to wherever. If it’s the dog park, that is great, but any old ride will do. Imagine getting into a car and asking your car-crazy pet dog to join you. Oh, the sorrow!

We don’t even want to imagine what it must be like for a dog to be left behind, while his owner goes for a ride without him. But now we don’t even have to, because thanks to one loyal pooch, we now know what it looks like when the owner leaves and doesn’t ask the dog to tag along.

In this hilarious video, a teen girl by the name of Heather gets ready to take her first car out for a ride. Her mom goes through her lengthy safety checklist: “Did you check your mirrors? Did you check your safety equipment? You’re all set and ready to go? Okay, say goodbye to Fasa, he’s going to miss you.”

But as the teen says goodbye to Fasa, the loyal dog runs to the car and jumps right into the driver seat. Heather, who is driving this car? You or the dog?

Does your dog like going for rides in the car? Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section below.