Dogs Flip Out In Car When They See Where He Is Taking Them

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Published: September 13, 2017

Memory is a funny thing. Events that we lived through in the past can come back to haunt us many years down the road, simply by seeing, smelling or hearing something that has left a mark in our amygdala. It can make you shiver, or it can make you smile, even cry. That’s how strong memory is.

You might think that memory is characteristic just to us, humans, but in fact all sentient beings experience memory and sensations it creates whenever we come across something that awakens that memory. So it shouldn’t come as too much a surprise that these German Pointers all felt the urge to celebrate when it dawned on them where they are going.

"One day this past summer I decided to take my dog and my parents’ dogs out to the quarry where they have been going since they were all just little puppies. Every single time they are taken to the quarry, when they are just around the corner they start howling, because they are so excited and this time was no exception. They don't stop until the vehicle is parked."

As soon as they figure out that that quarry is near by, the dogs get so excited, they howl and whine as loud as they can, jumping inside the car! Imagine doing the same thing every time you hear that song that reminds you of your first crush...

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      RevLinda · 1 year ago

      Love this. One thing I noticed about the Dad is how he casually kept his arms positioned so he could drive safely while still keeping the dogs from jumping on him while he was driving. He also was watching the road but watching the dogs at the same time. His action of rolling up the back windows could have prevented a tragic accident if they had jumped or fallen from the car.. I've heard of it happening to their dogs and it makes me sick. So glad he's a responsible dog owner. These dogs are beautiful and obviously happy and well cared for.

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        CAROLINEPITTS · 29 weeks ago

        You've got that right Linda. :D

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      CAROLINEPITTS · 29 weeks ago

      So funny, everybody is gonna scream about their great destination and what they are going to do when they get there. :D