Identical Twins Get Ecstatic When Daddy Comes Home

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Rumble / Babies & KidsAn adorable video has emerged showing the moment when two identical twins get ecstatic when their daddy comes home from work. Footage shows identical twins Ella and Halle waiting for their dad to come in from the garage.

The video shows the two sweet girls playing in the living room when their mother tells them that “dada is home”! The ecstatic girls look at her with anticipation and start crawling their wait to the baby door where they wait for their father to show up on the stairs.

These little twins are very excited when her daddy arrives home and their reaction is heart melting! Watch as they rush, quickly moving their happy feet on the carpet towards the door, overwhelmed with emotion that their daddy is finally home. They act like they couldn’t believe their eyes and are obviously overjoyed with emotion!

Fortunately their mother recorded this adorable encounter, and caught the wonderful moment on camera. We wonder if these cute, little toddlers have made a daily routine of waiting for their father to come home, as it would be perfect to have your children welcome you in such a loving manner! Their daddy is very lucky to have such loving daughters overjoyed to greet him!

Watch how happy they get as they race across the room to get to the baby door and impatiently wait for their father. Moments later, we hear a man’s voice and see their dad climbing up the stairs. The identical twins get ecstatic and start to jump for joy! They share an emotional hug as the girls fall into daddy’s arms and each gives dad a big, wet smooch! There is nothing better than being daddy’s little princess!

These twins are just double dose of happiness and cuteness overload! This dad is so happy to have a daughter like this cutie pies that love him so much. Love is something you can not buy with money, and it’s priceless.

If there’s anything more demanding than raising a child, it’s raising two at the same time. Having twins is a blessing; they are a true definition of double happiness that is both amazing and challenging for all parents that have twins. Twins are so amazing! There's no doubt that the personal bonds between twins - and especially identical twins - can be healthy, but there's no evidence that it's mysterious or unexplained. This video is double cuteness!

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