Hippy Alpaca Wins The Hair Game With Her New Haystyle

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Published: January 20, 2018

A hilarious video has emerged of a hippy alpaca nailing some dope hairstyle with the help of a pile of hay. The ignorant alpaca is posing for the camera, keeping the poker face on at all times!

Footages was filmed on January 12, 2018 in Braeside, Ontario, Canada when a man caught something strange on camera. Apparently, there is one rebel alpaca in the herd! Try to find the odd one out!

Winning the hair game means having a hairstyle that looks incredibly dope and cannot be competed against, i.e. the hairstyle is so damn strong!

Watch as a herd of alpacas are enjoying the deliciously fresh hay and having the meal of their lifetime, while a rebel alpaca called Claddagh is standing tall in the middle of the stable, flaunting its new “hay-do”.

In the middle of the stable, while all of the alpacas are busy munching on the crunchy hay, a unique alpaca decided to give hay another purpose. Namely, one hippy alpaca decided to go with the flow and become a rock star! Watch how cool this animal is while it poses for the camera, sporting her new 'hay-do.' Have you seen a hay-style like this before!?

Owner says that Claddagh regularly stands out from the crowd and does her own thing. After this video was filmed, she went back to eating from the feeder and moments later someone from the herd stole her 'do' and ate it. How dare them!

Claddagh was never thought of being the 'show-off' alpaca, however, after watching her loving reaction to having a nice hay-do, she is natural at the spotlight.

Here is another video of Claddagh enjoying a spa treatment in her own style
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zc575gPGLk. This shows that this unique alpaca has always had a game. She was the diva-in-disguise!

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