Hostile Llama-Alpaca Hybrid Headbutts Unwanted Visitor

Published June 27, 2017 108,682 Views

Rumble This feisty llama brought some drama to an unwanted visitor – who she chased out of her pen. The amusing footage, which was shot at Tri State Zoo in Maryland, shows Animal Bytes TV producer Brian Barczyk taking on the role of zookeeper for the first time. But Brian didn't get a warm welcome from Misty – a four-year-old llama crossed with an alpaca. Barczyk said he was surprised by the animal's behaviour. Check out this hostile alpaca!

Here we have a ton of options for alpaca plush animals. Although this alpaca was pretty aggressive, they are still adorable creatures loved by many children around the world. It's a promise that if you buy one of these alpacas, it won't run at you like this one did, that's for sure!

Some people love these fluffy guys, and some people can't stand them! What would have you done in this situation? Would you even be caught being that close to an animal like an alpaca? Let us know in the comment section!

When Brian Barczyk volunteered to clean up this zoo’s petting area he got more than he bargained for. Head zookeeper of the Tri-state zoological park in Cumberland MD want to make sure they are looking good for people coming in and taking care of the animals, so the petting area is where they start. Even though Brian is known for his online videos with snakes and other reptiles, on this occasion, he wanted to get a feel for the zookeeping of some other animals. Thinking it was some pretty easy job, he was up for a big surprise! Namely the alpaca hybrid wasn’t a fan of the reptile man and soon let him know that!

While you would expect animals in the petting area to be quite docile, this four-year-old llama-alpaca cross isn’t that keen on keeping Brian in the pen. However, despite his problems with Misty, it seems he shouldn’t take it too personal as the animal seemed to be aggressive with the head zookeeper as well.

After watching this clip, you probably won’t believe this, but llamas can be a quite organized gang and even try to snatch a vehicle from the unsuspecting scents! For real! As you are about to see, this can happen in real life! In another video, we see two guys riding through something that looks like a safari park when a bunch of llamas surrounds them. They try feeding them in the attempts to make them leave, but these hilarious llamas are not giving up!

One of them even stood in front of the car, so the guys can’t leave! How hilarious is that? One of the guys is obviously scared, while the other one keeps his cool and tries to come up with the solution to this crazy situation. In the end, he politely asks llama to move, and she does exactly that! LOL! Can llamas understand English? Judging by this video, yes, they can! Well, at least when you are super polite to them!

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Videographer / Director: Animal Bytes TV
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal