Shoveling Snow Is A Breeze With This Shovel Invention

6 years ago

No season brings such polarizing emotions like winter does. On one hand, we have those who adore it, they find the season magical and wonderful, because they get to experience the serene sight that is snow. On the other hand, we have those who hate winter for the same reason these other ones love it - because of the snow.

One thing is for sure, no one likes the wintertime chore that the piles of snow bring along. Shoveling snow is a tedious job, not to mention so strenuous on the back! Traditional snow shovels are big and heavy, but someone thought of a way to make clearing a path through the snow super easy, by adding one clearly obvious feature to the tool!

Nootools, a Connecticut-based company, managed to do just that with its innovative Snow Wolf, a super-sturdy shovel with an attached wheel for easy pushing. It may look a bit strange, but once you get a load of what it does, you too will shout “shut up and take my money!” On their website, the company states they made Snow Wolf with ergonomics in mind. The device also comes with a retractable lever, so you can use your entire body to leverage the heavy snow.

Nootools claims their design will clear away snow three times faster than the traditional way. Watching the clip convinced us in its benefits, but it is still not without its dangers.

According to an article published by the Harvard Medical School, shoveling snow won’t just trigger back pain, it can actually cause something much scarier - a heart attack. They advise to do a few light stretches before going out and take frequent breaks, while shoveling light loads.

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