Funny Dad Celebrates Putting Baby To Sleep By Bowing At The Baby Monitor

Emily_FranklinPublished: January 19, 20186,739 views
Published: January 19, 2018

This is the hilarious moment when a funny dad got overwhelmed by the fact that he finally got his baby to sleep that he turned around from the crib and bowed at the baby monitor to celebrate his success!

Marry someone who makes you laugh when you play back your baby monitor video! Funny footage recorded on a baby monitor shows the hilarious moment when a witty dad celebrates putting baby to sleep by bowing at the camera.

Watch as this funny dad slowly turns around from the baby crib and performs a neat bow at the baby monitor, to celebrate his success! Imagine his wife’s reaction after she played back the baby monitor and witnessed her cheeky husband acting out! Hilarious!

Any parent knows that putting a baby to sleep is not an easy task because it takes time, patience and a lot of practice to perfect the art of getting those nighttime snoozes. Judging by the footage, this dad knows how difficult the routine of putting baby to sleep can be. So, he also knows how to celebrate when he passes with flying colors!

Just imagine his wife's surprise when she played back the baby's monitor and saw him bowing at the camera. When dad successfully placed the sleeping baby in the crib, he slowly turned around for a moment of celebration and took a fine bow at the camera. As he bows to the non-existent crowd and pumps his fists in the air from accomplishment, the baby monitor is recording the spectacular moment for mom to see afterwards!

Parents know that putting babies to sleep is certainly a great cause for celebration. Therefore, we feel for this dad and we are cheering for the dad and his nighttime win! Great job daddy!

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