Baby Girl Makes A Hilarious Attempt At Copying Dad's Fancy Whistling

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Published: January 18, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018

We all look up to our dads. They are our first and last heroes, someone to show us the true path, how to handle tools and how to be strong, yet show emotion. Naturally, we want to be like our dads, so we try and copy whatever it is they do that we find glorious and fascinating. It doesn’t always work though and it is absolutely hilarious to watch when we get older. Embarrassing maybe, but hilarious still.

This toddler was enjoying the show with her mom and dad, having the time of her life. She decided to show it and join in when her dad starts whistling at horses and showmen. Only thing is, she's only two and can't quite get it so she does it her own way, she’s got it in her mind and it is priceless.

For all Charlie knows, her dad is putting the fingers in his mouth so that he may be able to make those noises with his throat. So she doe the same, putting her both index and middle fingers in her mouth and then screaming as loud as she can! Her dad keeps teasing his little girl with more whistling, but Charlie is unfazed. That’s the spirit!

The only thing sweeter than this was seeing little Asher how he tries to copy dad’s whistling. Now that was hilarious!

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