Toddler attempts to whistle, hilariously fails

Published June 26, 2017 11,224 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhistling is a magical skill in the eyes of a little kid and as far as magic goes, it is something they would love to master and fast, because the adults can do it! What kid wouldn't want to feel like an adult?

Speaking of adults, teaching their kid to perform something like whistling is quite an adventure and a hilarious one at that. Kiddies learn by observing and mimicking those around them, but since they are so young and don't quite understand how stuff works, they make futile and silly attempts at accomplishing said milestones. That's what Asher did when his dad was teaching him how to whistle!

All snuggled up in his kiddie car seat, dad whistles to little Asher, encouraging him to try. The toddler lets out a smile and then makes an attempt to mimic the sound dad made, but not quite in the same way dad did it.

Dad laughs and repeats the sound, motivating the boy to try again. Asher seems to contemplate for a second there, purses his lips like he sees dad is doing, but then just makes the sound and not quite the “instrument”. He is so adorably persistent, we could pinch those cheeks all day long!