Dog Must Say Goodnight To Bunny Before Going To Bed

6 years ago

An adorable video has emerged of a unique bedtime routine one emotional canine has to perform before going to sleep. Watching this caring pooch treat the family bunny pet as her baby is adorable!

Meet Skottke Vom Zeder Haus, the German Shepherd who has developed a special bond with the family pet bunny. Namely, after going out to potty, Skottke has to say goodnight to her baby, a rabbit named Holly!

Female dogs can develop motherly instinct even if they don’t have puppies on their own. This loving German Shepherd thinks that the rabbit is her own baby and she is obsessed about it.

In this video, the owner is filming her adorable dog who is so anxious for what’s coming next. This precious German Shepherd has developed a nice routine on telling the bunny goodnight. It is curious how this dooch got the idea that she has a baby in the shape of a bunny. Only by spelling the letters of the word ‘baby’ gets this dog up and running towards the room where the baby rests.

The dog is sitting and looking at the camera, but secretly picking in the direction where she desperately wants to go, to visit her b-a-b-y! Somehow this cute dog developed a motherly instinct that the rabbit is her baby, and every time her owner asks “Where is your baby?” the dog runs down the room where the rabbit lives, and watches over it!

Rabbit’s cage is on the top of the placard, and the German Shepherd is looking up at it. The owner then asks the dog to say “Goodnight” to her baby, and she raises her front two legs the placard to get a better look at her baby. How adorable!

Do you have a nightly routine before going to bed? We all have some habits that we do before bed, whether we are doing it intentionally or not and the more we do them, the more dependent we become of those routines.

This dog must say ‘Good night’ to his friend bunny Holly, and this video is most definitely cuteness overload! Dogs are great, especially German shepherds! Before they turn into your full-developed accomplice, German Shepherds are a portion of the cutest little dogs with their floppy ears, enormous, gleaming eyes, and their dark, tan or white shading.

German Shepherds have huge amounts of vitality, and they are extremely dynamic. They are amazing and friendly and sooo funny! Just check out this German Shepard humorously playing with the leaf blower and it made us laugh out loud!

This guy here is some has somewhat of prejudice toward blowers machines. If you don't feel like getting all political about it, we can say that this guy doesn't like them. This does go to say that aside of his hate for blowers he might just be playing along to all this. All so his owner can take a video and they can both become famous.

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