German Shepherd Humorously Plays With Leaf Blower

kimberlee Published April 21, 2018 399 Plays $1.33 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAnimals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today.

German Shepherds are very friendly dogs. They love to meet new people. They are not only friendly with their family, but also with strangers too. They are so welcoming! What a great companion to have by your side! They are very intelligent dogs and have a high tendency to bark and howl. We can tell from this video, that this dog loves to show off his unique growl sounds, so cute! Its not everyday you get to meet a dog that barks like this, this dog is a special one!

This guy here is some has some what of a prejudice toward blowers machines. If you don't feel like getting all political about it we can just say that this guy simply doesn't like them. This does go to say that aside of his hate for blowers he might just be playing along to all this. All so his owner can take a video and they can both become famous. Well, ether way, Chevy is not happy that her owner is trying to blow dry off all the mud she worked so hard to get on, and tries to eat the air. Too funny!