5 years ago

Dog Practices Saving Owner From Drowning And Passes With Flying Colors

This dog is a true hero! He thinks that his owner is drowning in the lake, and he instantly jumps in the water to save her life! He drags her body and pulls her out! Simply amazing!

These people have been training their dog Nya to save dogs and people who might be drowning in the water. Check out Nya's training in this clip as she heroically saves a person!

This is the incredible moment that best depicts why dogs are truly man's best. A trained dog <a href="https://rumble.com/v3ccb3-elephant-family-saves-drowning-calf.html" target="_blank">saved a person from drowning</a> by pulling its body from the pond to safety during a mock drowning exercise.

At the beginning of this heartwarming clip we see dog Nya waiting on the shore, eyes on her owner who is swimming in the distance. Moments later, the human starts yelling and splashes its hands in the water, to which the dog rushes head over heels to get to her in no time. Watch as Nya starts dragging the seemingly drowning person by dragging the rescue rope with his teeth.

Obviously, the dog's owner was not actually drowning but it was just a trial exercise to see dog’s reaction to the situation. It is adorable to watch that the moment this woman started screaming and looking for help, the dog didn’t even hesitate and jumped into the water and swam to her rescue. The poor pup must have assumed the worst as he <a href="https://rumble.com/v33let-dog-saves-friend-from-drowning.html" target="_blank">panicked and automatically turned into a puppy superhero</a>. Great job buddy!

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