Brave Pup Saves His Buddy From Drowning In Waterfall

7 years ago

Dogs aren’t just our pets, they are our lifelong companions. A soul to confide in, a teach for some very important lessons and a best friend, someone you can always count on.

Which shouldn’t be at all surprising to see when this dog helped pull his buddy out from the rushing water with his quick thinking. Or maybe he was just all too eager to get the stick?

A family took their two dogs, a black and golden Labradors, to a nearby river for some swimming. They say both dogs love the water and they love fetching sticks. Nothing unusual there. But when the black pup gets himself into a tight situation, it is what his sibling that got us cheering!

We see the two dogs standing on a rock by the river, when the black lab jumps into the water to fetch the stick his owner threw. As it was trying to get back on the rocks, the slippery surface sent the dog back into the water and straight into the rushing waterfall underneath. The pup tries to keep his nose and stick above the water, creating a perfect opportunity for his brother to get his canines on that piece of wood!

We can’t be sure whether they thought they were playing or the goldie knew his brother was in danger, so he grabbed him and pulled him out. It was spectacular to watch nonetheless!

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